"andrew" photobook

At the end of 2015, my rent sky-rocketed in Los Angeles, and my personal life had a looming anxiety attached to it, on account of various factors all colliding at once. I decided to take the money I'd use for a new security deposit and book a trip to Europe instead. I was stir crazy, eager to get out of the situation that I had gotten myself into. My brother Jorden came with me, and once we landed, we traveled by train to each city. Amsterdam-Munich-Prague-Budapest-Florence. It was an experience I'll never forget. We were charged with a mix of delirium and adrenaline, and by the end of it, it was hard facing the idea of going back to the States. At the beginning of 2016, before heading back to Los Angeles, my brother and I took a job driving along the California Coast. It was a bittersweet time, full of doubt and delusion, but in some of my darkest instants, I clung to what inspiration I had, namely my brother Jorden and the beautiful California landscapes. Jorden and I got especially close, even throughout the long, tired days. We learned that we were much different from the personalities we had known in the past. Throughout the two somewhat paradoxical journeys, the trip to Europe, and the job along the coast, I carried with me an old point and shoot film camera that I'd purchased years ago as a last ditch halloween prop from Goodwill. I never intended on using it. What started as a documentation of what I was feeling at the time, turned into a story that has remained close to my heart. I didn't expect to create a book of photos. My passion has always been filmmaking, cinematography in particular. I don't think of myself as a photographer, and I'm nowhere near as technical as most of the IG famous. Had I known that I would be making a book, I probably would have shot with more intention, but that also might have led to forced captures on the spot. As it is now, all of these images were just moments unfolding, rather than pre-planned encounters. I've been holding onto this for a quite a while, and have decided that now's the time to release it, because otherwise I'll just keep editing and re-editing, never putting it down. Over time, this project has morphed into something very special to me. My brother is the center piece of it all... I now know him better than I ever have in the past, and am closer to him than anyone else in this world. Apart from the natural elements and human tools, Jorden is the sole subject of this book.

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